Monday 19th February 2018

Fight To Halt Cholera Spread Has Reached K1 Billion

The fight against a crippling Cholera outbreak has cost the treasury close to K1 billion, latest figures released by the Ministry of Finance have shown. Zambia has been battling a serious Cholera outbreak that has claimed 80 lives and seen over 4,000 people treated.

Local Government and Housing Minister Vincent Mwale recently confirmed that some funds from toll gates and the 2018 allocation for Constituency Development Funds have been diverted to fight Cholera.

However, the Government has however failed to disclose how much it has received financially and materially from a flood of local and international donors to fight Cholera.

When asked to comment on this release of funds by the Treasury in January, 2018, Finance Minister Felix Mutati said by virtue of sharing the information, the Ministry of Finance looked forward to citizens participating in economic transformation programmes with open minds by taking greater interest in monitoring government-financed projects in their localities through the relevant district and provincial establishments.

“This is because, the successes which the economy is scoring through fiscal consolidation are not a twist of luck but a result of articulate reforms and the toils of citizens,” Mr Mutati said.

“On a daily basis, citizens look for opportunities created by the government for business development. Therefore, “through citizen induced project monitoring, the government will be able to implement projects effectively and ensure that value for money prevails in state-financed projects,” he said.

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