Sunday 18th February 2018

Corruption At State House Uncovered

Michael Sata’s economic advisor Paul Siame has revealed that former Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda ordered an acting Secretary to the Treasury to illegally change the Articles of Association for the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) when the late president was in London seeking medical attention.

And Siame who served the IDC as Executive Director Operations, has disclosed that Dr. Lawrence Sikutwa declared interest but “actively participated” in the acquisition of 90% shareholding in Zampalm from Zambeef, despite being a conflicted person, as a member of the Zambeef Board and also Board member, plus Investment Committee member of the IDC.

The former State House aide, whose contract of employment was terminated by Finance Minister Felix Mutati in November 2016, says he was terribly victimised when he blew the whistle on the above irregularities and was blocked from attending IDC meetings which approved investment proposals.

He added that in September 2016, the then IDC chief executive officer Andrew Chipwende ordered the human resource manager to break into his office, in the presence of a police officer, in order to search for sensitive documents which could incriminate and expose people that were involved in irregularities within the Industrial Development Corporation.

This is according to affidavits filed in the Lusaka High Court Industrial Relations Division, in which Siame has sued the Corporation over the termination of his employment contract.

“I was instructed to stay away from the Respondent’s offices (IDC) and prevented from performing my duties because I had highlighted irregularities and suspected corrupt practices to the then chief executive officer Mr. Andrew Chipwende. I was therefore punished for trying to protect the [IDC] and was victimised for being a whistle blower,” Siame submitted.

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