Tuesday 16th January 2018

Uncle T Adopts Young Rapper Dizmo

Lusaka business man Trevor Ng’andu popularly known as Uncle T has completed the legal adoption of young street rapper Dzimo and his elder brother Slim.

Dzimo, whose real names are Paul Mwansa and his half brother Slim whose real names are Steve Wonder, are young street rappers who in the past would go to Uncle T’s Dallas City pub to showcase their talent and get a few coins from well wishers.

Their dream has been to go to school, have decent shelter and be around loving and caring people.

That dream is coming to fruition after Uncle legally adopted Dizmo and will now be under his care .

“These are young ambitious kids who need to be looked after so that their dreams are realize. We have adopted these two beautiful talented children.

“We shall provide them with shelter, food, clothing and most importantly take them to school. We shall put them into primary school in January when schools open and we shall support them till university level.

“As for the talent they have we shall also will help them showcase it by giving them a chance to perform at the up coming Aki & Popo event slated for 22nd and 23rd of December 2017,” Uncle T says.

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