Wednesday 17th January 2018

PF Cadres In Kitwe Illegally Feasting On Land

A group of suspected Patriotic Front cadres have gone on rampage illegally allocating themselves pieces of land in Kitwe’s Twatasha Township.

The group of unscrupulous individuals are claiming to have supported the ruling party but have not benefited in anyway yet others are.

“For us we just want to benefit as well before it is too late. If you check this land it is not owned by anyone. We have been to the council no help is coming through. we have engaged the area councillor, he is also not helping,” one of the cadres complained.

“These councillors have been sharing land and no one is following them around so what is wrong with us doing the same? If the council was effective we wouldn’t be here.”

However, area councillor Michael Mbulo is amazed at what was going in his ward.

He said investigative wings have been engaged to bring to book all the individuals involved.

“People should not take the law in their hands. Having campaigned for the ruling party doesn’t give one powers to start allocating land to themselves. That is wrong procedure must be followed.

“We know them they think they campaigned more than others but we will show them that we don’t tolerate lawlessness especially were illegalities are concerned,” he said.

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