Sunday 21st January 2018

Ndola council confiscates illegally sold liquor

Ndola City Council has confiscated hundreds of boxes of alcohol being sold illegally in different locations by individuals without liquor licenses.

Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza said in an interview with ZANIS today that the local authority’s department of Public Health with the council police moved in and confiscated the liquor boxes.

Ms Mwanza added that many people have been selling alcohol illegally in areas such as bus stops without trading licenses making the beverage easily accessible to underage persons.

She said the escalating levels of underage drinking in the city has reached alarming levels prompting the local authority to take action.

Ms Mwanza said of late the council has been receiving complaints of underage drinking and drug abuse parties taking place in the city.

She has since warned those involved in organizing and attending night parties to desist from the act or face the law.

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