Saturday 20th January 2018

NDC, PF Stay at Each Other’s Throat

The National Democratic Congress and the Patriotic Front have stayed at each other’s throats with the latter’s national youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba saying that Mwenya Musenge’s party is lying about being attacked by the ruling party.

Kamba held a press briefing to dress down NDC officials saying they are a bunch of failures.

“We know who Mwenya Musenge is, he is a constituency failure. He stood as a member of parliament under our party ticket and he was beaten pants down by our constituency chairperson Mwila Mutale who is today an independent MP. Can they lead a country when they failed at constituency level?” Kamba said.

Kamba also distanced the Patriotic from the attack of NDC officials and damage to their property during an appearance on 5FM radio.

He alleged that the PF was holding a welcome briefing for the prodigal Miles Sampa at the time the NDC were being attacked at 5FM radio.

Kamba said the attackers were not PF members but sympathizers of the ruling party.

He said that they may have been incensed by the incessant attacks on President Edgar Lungu.

“The people who are attacking them, of course they are sympathisers of the party but they are not members of the party,” he said.

“Remember this party, this government was not only voted for by PF members, they were voted by people who are not even members of the party so when they continue to insult, when they continue to demean the person they voted for, would they be happy? They should stop demeaning the president”.

The NDC has been tapping into the PF base for support which has not sat well with the latter.

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