Monday 18th December 2017

NDC challenges Lungu to explain his wealth gain


NATIONAL Democratic Congress national party chairperson Charles Kabwita has challenged President Edgar Lungu to respond to the corruption allegations raised against him by Chishimba Kambwili. And Kabwita has appealed to the Zambia Police to channel their attention to the abuses of the PF “than victimising Kambwili”.

In a statement, Kabwita stated that President Lungu needed to address the issues which surrounded his office and personality such as his sudden accumulated wealth.

But President Lungu last week said during a special programme on ZNBC that he had made money during his law practice before he became Head of State.

President Lungu said even if he was a pauper before he became President, he had a house and wondered why people were asking about his wealth now that he was Head of State. However, Kabwita stated that he expected President Lungu to call a press conference to clear his name over the corruption allegations against him.

“If the government feels offended, let them give answers to the many unanswered questions Kambwili is raising. We expect the President to hold a press conference and respond to alleged misconduct and corruption, unlike giving unsatisfactory responses whenever confronted with the many thorny issues affecting the masses,”

Kabwita stated.

“Why has the President remained mute on his wealth accumulation? This is a source of concern because everyone knew how much the President declared in 2015.”

He told President Lungu to give the national treasury his formula of becoming rich in a short space of time so that Zambians could also benefit. And Kabwita wondered why President Lungu had chosen to be making allowances through foreign trips instead of improving health services.

He added that the levels at which the Zambia Police and State House agents were operating were alarming.

“One wonders whether Kambwili is a fire tender or an ambulance or perhaps an Auditor General’s report which needs critical attention by those entrusted with the authority to administer public resources and justice. This country is faced with serious scandals, starting from US$273 million Topstar-gate, US$42 million fire-gate, US$1.2 billion Road-gate, US$288 000 Ambulance-gate and the Auditor General’s Report. These are the issues that our men and women in uniform should be addressing rather than concentrating all their efforts on scaring Kambwili,”

Kabwita stated.


“Why can’t the ACC summon the culprits and all the public officers who have been cited in the AG’s report? Why have the police not shown any sign of investigating the white collar thieves?”

He stated that the NDC would not allow Zambians to be persecuted for having divergent views but would allow them to exercise freedoms of speech and assembly.

“Allow Kambwili to do checks and balances as this is his democratic right. You won’t shut him up very easily,” stated Kabwita.

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