Friday 19th January 2018

Lungu defending the corrupt – Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili has accused President Edgar Lungu of lying and being at the centre of defending the corrupt.

And Kambwili says President should be forgiven for lying because he drinks too much, “so sometimes you talk under the influence of alcohol”.

Addressing the media in Lusaka today, Kambwili said revelations by the Anti-Corruption Commission that they knew nothing about investigations against his special assistant for press and public relations, Amos Chanda, showed that President Lungu lied to defend his aide’s mischief.

The Roan PF member of parliament and former information minister further said President Lungu’s statement that he refused to co-operate with ACC consequently leading to his being fired was not true either.

“The President has told us that he will not allow corruption in his government and that he had acted by firing one corrupt minister who was not co-operating with the Anti-Corruption Commission. I will forgive Edgar because what he knows is telling lies and he is not even ashamed that as Head of State, he must be truthful. Edgar Lungu went to tell the whole world ‘I fired one minister because he was not co-operating with the ACC’ but when you look at President Edgar Lungu, the only person he fired was me. I was never investigated by the ACC and I never refused to co-operate. I remember very well the last investigation they did on me was when the Ministry of Youth and Sport congratulated me when I obtained my degree. They said I had used public funds but I co-operated until I was found with no case to answer,” Kambwili explained.

“I don’t know which other ACC approached me and I did not co-operate resulting in Lungu firing me. But I will forgive Lungu because Lungu does not tell the truth, Lungu is always telling lies and I will demonstrate. People of Zambia you remember last week while officiating at the International Anti-Corruption Day, which was attended by my colleague and friend [African parliamentarians Against Corruption president Cornelius] Mweetwa, President Lungu told us that Amos Chanda has been called and investigated by the ACC several times and has been cleared.”

He wondered which direction the country was being driven by a President who was perpetually telling lies.

Kambwili said there was evidence that Chanda was building on any space available in Lusaka and wondered why President Lungu was in the forefront of defending him.

“Look at what the spokesperson for the ACC said, the headlines [in the News Diggers] say ACC spokesperson not aware that Amos was probed and cleared by the ACC. Countrymen and women, where are we going having a lying President? Where are we going as a country having a President who does not tell the truth? Having a President who lies with his white tooth? Where are we going? President Lungu, you must live above board. I have said it and want to say it again, insoni ee buntu (it’s human to be shameful). Now the ACC have told us that Amos has never been probed and if he was probed then the ACC is not aware. So who probed and cleared Amos Chanda?” Kambwili asked.

“President Lungu has the propensity to defend corrupt people in his government and this is a very good example. People have raised so many concerns on how Amos has acquired so much property in Lusaka. He has those flats he is building in Nyumba Yanga, he has a house where he has opened a gym in Kabulonga. He bought another house which he brought down and built Wayaya. He has built a house near Mr Chikwanda in Ibex Hill. He is building another house in State Lodge, so people are asking ‘where has Amos Chanda gotten all this wealth?’”

He wondered why President Lungu had assumed the role of ACC spokesperson for him to announce that Chanda had been cleared.

“Here is a President who has turned himself into a spokesperson of ACC and is saying Amos Chanda has been probed by ACC and cleared. Ba Lungu…ubufi bwenu lelo bwaishibikwa (your lying has been exposed), Amos has never been probed by ACC. Muleke ubufi (stop lying) but we will forgive you because you drink too much so sometimes you talk under the influence of alcohol, you may not even understand what you talk about,” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili has alleged that Grandview International paid for an FAW truck, which was registered in home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo’s brother.

Displaying a printout allegedly obtained from RTSA, Kambwili claimed the said truck was bought from Prestige Motors using a cheque issued by Grandview, the suppliers of the fire engines.

“When I talked about the corruption for the fire engines, people including my friend and brother honorable Kampyongo, who was minister of local government when the fire engines were bought…I released some information on Kampyongo on the procurement of fire engines but ACC has not taken advantage to call him to answer some questions. What I have here is a printout from Road Transport and Safety Agency, which is a FAW truck, model 11325, it is white in colour and the category is heavy loaded vehicle GVM35KG, self-propelled, network 6000, GV/KM 10,000 and this vehicle is registered in the name of Andrew S. Kampyongo of P/O Box 36 724 Lusaka,”

alleged Kambwili.

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