Saturday 20th January 2018

“Im being threatened with death”- Pilato

PILATO has revealed that he is receiving deaths threats fro releasing the ‘Koswe Mumpoto’ song which the ruling Patriotic Front wants withdrawn. Pilato, real name Chama Fumba, last week released his new song which has become social media’s centre of discussion. The majority of Facebook fans overwhelmingly supported his new release, but the PF issued an ultimatum that the song be withdrawn within 48 hours.

A day later, the PF sponsored a song, ‘Niwiso uleyeba’, clearly telling Pilato that his new release is talking about President Edgar Lungu, and accuses him of being paid for the lyrics.

But after the expiry of the ultimatum, the PF, through media director Sunday Chanda, changed course and said it was in support of free expression as Zambia was a democratic country, but explained that it was not happy with ‘Koswe Mumpoto’.

Pilato’s new song addresses alleged theft, irresponsibility and corruption by the government leaders.

“Koswe inchito yakwe kwiba, tabomba. Kubwendo bwakwa King Cobra kwalingila ba Koswe, apa inchito yabo kwiba (A rat’s job is stealing and the Cobra’s hole has been invaded by rats whose job is stealing),” Pilato says in his song.

“Apa kubako careful naba koswe, twalafwa bonse nga tatwa kose. Nabengila na mufipatala, ukufuma kumisebo amatala; bena monse kano balyemo. Ukufwaisha sana fi cheese nabaya nomba nakuma Chinese. Bushe kwena ni mbeba iyi? Mukusamwa yasuma imbwili (We should be careful with these rats, we’ll all die if we are not strong. They have now gone in hospitals just after leaving roads. They want kickbacks in everything and in search of cheese they are now dealing with the Chinese. Is this a bush mouse or rat? In it’s gloating, it has bitten a leopard.”

The PF last week hurriedly sponsored a song, ‘Niwiso uleyeba’, in response to Pilato’s new relase but has not received any social media attention compared to ‘Koswe Mumpoto’.

“I am being threatened every day, through phone calls and messages. I am receiving threats on my life; the PF have not changed their stance,” Pilato claimed in an interview with The Mast.

“I am receiving messages to threaten me with death. The statement that they have withdrawn the ultimatum is meant to take the media and people off the issue so that when they do anything to me, they are not associated.”

He said his song, though not targeted at the Patriotic Front, had annoyed the ruling party’s leaders and embers “to an extent of wanting to harm me”.

“The only time an elephant would charge against a rabbit is when it’s threatened by the rabbit’s presence,” said Pilato, who, after the PF issued an ultimatum that he withdraws the song, wrote a letter to his “humble king”, talking about how he was hiding from the fury of those not happy with his song.

One of the messages sent to Pilato told the singer that he would be eliminated from earth.

“Who do you think you are? We shall remove you from the face of the earth. Don’t f**k with the boss. The diplomats and those talking about human rights are making you stupid; we will deal with you,” said a voice in Bemba.

Other threats in video recordings have been taking turns on social media. One of them, which featured three men, allegedly PF cadres, told the singer that he would be disciplined.

The unidentified man said he had made a mistake to sing ‘Koswe Mumpoto’ and warned that he would be sorted out the way PF cadre Maxwell Chongu was recently beaten.

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