Wednesday 17th January 2018

Chief Mweemba palace ablaze while he was sleeping in his house

Senior Chief Mweemba of Sinazongwe District yesterday morning sustained severe burn after his palace was set ablaze by unknown people around 03:00 hours.

This is in a continued power struggle where succession disputes surrounding his chieftaincy have deepened as some members of his family are not happy about the way he was installed as Chief.

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Bonny Kapeso identified other victims who were burnt along as Clement Hantoboolo 37, Paul Sinakatonga 48 and Mubita Mubita 19 who sustained severe burns all over their bodies and property whose value is yet to be ascertained was destroyed.

Mr Kapeso told Radio Chikuni News that the crime scene was visited and the house was found still on fire and it was established that petrol was the source of the fire, but no clues were immediately noticed.

The victims have been taken to Maamba General Hospital where they are currently admitted while investigations have continued.

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