Monday 18th December 2017

Antonio Mwanza Analyses Zambia’s Debt Situation

Hon. Felix Mutati, the Minister of Finance has not been honest with regards to the debt situation Zambia is currently in.

Contrary to the lies that Mutati has been feeding the nation about the IMF deal, the truth is that the IMF has suspended talks with Zambia on the IMF loan because they don’t agree with the Goverment’s unsustainable borrowing.

The IMF has further revealed that Zambia has the highest debt in the Sub-Saharan region.

The sad truth is that while our debt has been rising, our economy has been shrinking with growth slumping from 7% to 3.5%.

Now that the IMF deal has collapsed, what next for Mutati and his PF Government? The open market? At what interest rate?

Where has the money they got from kaloba gone because there’s literally no production in our economy? What happened to the debt money.

Antonio Mwanza

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