Friday 19th January 2018

Maiko Declares ‘End of Marriage’ with PF

RADICAL singer Maiko Zulu says he today stands at a crossroads on whether or not to continue supporting the Patriotic Front which he and other families dearly cherished.

Maiko, who five years ago had his 20-year to marriage to Daputsa Nkhata recognised by then Republican president and PF founder Michael Sata, questioned himself whether the PF of today was still pro-poor.  In his reflection in what he called “Notice of intent: end of our marriage” posted on his Facebook page today, Zulu wondered if the PF of today was still the party he and other Zambians gave their votes “or is it a shadow of Michael Sata’s PF”.  “Five years ago, my wife and I were deeply humbled when president Michael Chilufya Sata recognised our 20-year-old marriage and sponsored our anniversary party at Chrismar Hotel where he seconded his information minister Hon. Kennedy Sakeni to officiate on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Zambia. We will forever be thankful to the King Cobra, the [former] first lady Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata and the Sata family for the love they showed not only to my wife and I, but to the many ordinary Zambians who were blessed to cross their paths,” Maiko stated.

“I remember our mother and now first lady Mrs. Esther Lungu coming to grace the occasion with wives of other Cabinet Ministers. And I was in a suit and bow tie, (just imagine ai…) We felt too small for such honor…Today, however, we stand at crossroads as to whether we should continue supporting President Sata’s party, the Patriotic Front, which we and many other families and individuals so dearly cherished.”  He stated that among the many questions that ran through his mind were whether the principles which laid the foundation for the formation of PF were still as vibrant and pro-poor.  “Today, we question our sober selves as to whether the ideals which laid the foundation for the formation of PF are still as vibrant and pro-poor as when the Cobra’s vision was being actualised. Is this the PF whose President we gave our votes to…or is it a shadow of Michael Sata’s PF?” wondered Maiko. “These are the same decisions we had to make when we did away with RB and the MMD that President Levy Mwanawasa left us. Today, we ask ourselves the question: is this the end of our marriage with the patriotic front (PF)?”

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