Saturday 20th January 2018

Build toilets or face prosecution warns chief

Chief Hamaundu of the Tonga speaking people of Pemba district has given his subjects a 14 day ultimatum in which to build pit latrines or risk being prosecuted by the law.

Chief Hamaundu says about 22 villages in Kasiya ward have poor sanitation coverage therefore affecting the possibility of the chiefdom being declared open defecation free.  Speaking when he addressed 22 village headmen from the affected villages in his chiefdom yesterday, chief Hamaundu said it was very disappointing that some people in his chiefdom are still using the bush to answer the call of nature despite several efforts government is putting in promoting toilet usage.  He said a household which will fail to build a toilet in the next 14 days will be prosecuted or even sent out of the chiefdom as they are contributing to increased diarrhea diseases in his chiefdom.  Meanwhile AKROS water and sanitation coordinator Annie Mutunda says AKROS is concerned with poor hygiene practices such as lack of toilets which is one of the major causes of Trachoma.  Ms Mutunda said Trachoma is a disease that is caused by poor sanitation and has the potential to cause blindness especially among children below the age of 9 years.  Ms Mutunda said her organization is concerned with the huge sums of money government is spending on treating diseases related to poor sanitation which can be prevented by embracing good hygiene practices.

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