Saturday 20th January 2018

#2 Pilato

Pilato or Chama Fumba was born in one of Ndola’s sprawling townships and his upbringing was rough one of the cities poorest neighborhoods brought him close to the pitfalls of poverty and the daily struggles of the masses. At the age of 10 he already started indulging in poetry to keep his mind off the pressures that had befallen him.


Pilato’s music is largely broad-spectrum social commentary with generous overtones of contemporary Hip Hop after starting out as a poet Pilato is referred to as the voice of the voiceless. In 2010 Pilato won the Ngoma Award as Zambia’s Best Poet. He was later nominated for Best Music Video at the Born & Bred Awards in 2011.

In 2013, he recorded a single entitled “Bufi” a highly politically charged song that labeled the late King Cobra a “Father of Lies”. The song got a negative feed back as the supporters of the PF sent death threats over the song. In 2016 he recorded a song of Nashil Pischen Kazembe’s 1970s hit “Aphiri Anabwela” but he changed the lyrics to “Alungu Anbwela”. Unapologetic, the musician was charged. He was detained earlier this year for protesting the corruption around fire tenders. His recent song Koswe Mumpote has shone a light on the flaws of the Lungu administration, he has been threatened with jail and violence once again for his political songs but it’s unlikely it will deter him in his fight for democracy.

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