Friday 19th January 2018

#1 Laura Miti

The winner of Open Zambia’s top 25 is Laura Miti. Laura grew up in Zambia where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from the University of Zambia. She also holds a Masters Degree in History obtained from the University of Fort Hare. She worked as a researcher in the Parliament of Zambia and then taught School Certificate English before taking up various positions in Zambia’s civil society where she has vast experience doing advocacy work. She was particularly involved in the constitutional review processes. She enjoys writing, has been a columnist in various Zambian and South African newspapers for many years and is passionate about issues of social justice and options for the poor. She gained international attention for her humorous tweets against the lies of Louise Linton, a woman who clearly lied about voluntary work in Zambia, with a particularly farfetched story involving Congolese rebels and an obvious “white savior” complex.


Miti is a vocal activist who is singlehandedly strengthening democracy in Zambia. She has been forthright in her estimations of the current administration and her protesting of the procurement of Fire tenders which reeked of corruption landed her in prison. Still this has not deterred her, she currently heads up the Alliance for Community Action and if we are lucky will keep making Zambia a better place.

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