Wednesday 17th January 2018

Zamtel implements a new business remodelling concept to improve operations

The state-owned telecommunications firm Zamtel is implementing the famous Japanese Kaizen programme which places emphasis on continuous improvement of all business processes in its quest to achieve a culture of continuous improvement.

Zamtel has taken the bold move to ring-fence the fast changing business fortunes through a work culture change that seeks to improve business operations at every level of the company.

In a statement, Zamtel says its implementing the Kaizen philosophy is in line with Government efforts that are aimed at establishing a SMART Zambia based on improved quality service delivery and overall national productivity.

As a philosophy, Kaizen encourages quality and productivity improvement in organisations by eliminating waste and championing change for the better.

“We are happy to be implementing the Japanese philosophy and methodology of Kaizen, that emphasizes continuous improvement and elimination of waste in every process at Zamtel,” said Company Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Mupeta.

Mr. Mupeta said Zamtel is implementing Kaizen as part of the transformation expected to improve how the Company delivers its products and services across different customer portfolios.

The Company is rolling out a series of intensive training to its over 700 workforce as a way to drive improvement and prepare for a robust digital transformation that will shape the future of communication in Zambia.

“As the Government is building Zambia to become a prosperous middle income country by 2030, reliable ICT Solutions and Services will play a critical role and Zamtel is positioning itself for a wave of digital transformation that will usher in greater efficiencies, which will enrich lives and businesses,” said Mr. Mupeta.

Currently, Zamtel is implementing a massive $280 million investment into its network that will see an additional 1009 sites erected, a new Customer Contact Centre and a brand new technical centre.

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