Friday 24th November 2017

HH Interview with Radio Phoenix

HH was live on Radio Phoenix this morning discussing the tie between Zambian development and institution building and reinstating  the rule of law. “We will only develop our country if we all unite and call for the restoration of rule of law, human rights, liberties and freedoms”.


He spoke of the societal issues that stem form corruption. If public money doesn’t benefit public services only Zambia’s future loses out.

“Why is it our children cannot get a job when they finish schools”?

When asked about his recent award from the prestigious Friedrich Naumann Foundation he said “This award is for the people of Zambia, for the people of Africa and we really credit it to everyone including the media of this country who are struggling to remain open and can be shut down aytime, they can be harassed anytime. So the Media share in this award. This is not just Hakainde’s award it is everyones”. When asked about the international visit itself he responded that “we are promoting Zambia, we are saying we can rebuild a broken democracy”.

He spoke at length on the subject of press freedom and the necessity of a media that can operate without interference and the role this has in fostering a stable democracy.

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