Monday 18th December 2017

Nevers Mumba Makes Bold Claim Islam Plans To Invade Zambia

Victory Ministries founding leader Pastor Nevers Mumba says Muslims have a well-planned strategy to infiltrate Zambia and the rest of Southern Africa.

Reacting to story published in last edition of The Church (Issue 182) concerning the unprecedented growth of Islam in Zambia, Pastor Mumba said the threat of Islam in the country is not an imagination but a reality.

Statistics show that Islam has been spreading in Zambia as a faster rate than it was previously thought. Estimations show that there could be as many as a million Muslims in Zambia. Islam is employing various strategies to grow their religion in Zambia.

And according to Pastor Mumba who is also an opposition leader, Muslims have an objective of taking over nations.

“Let me tell you something. The threat covering the whole lot of Africa is not an imagination. It’s a reality. It’s not just a threat. It’s a plan which has been mooted over many years. And Islam is steadily moving from the Northern part, across Africa to the Southern of Africa. And Zambia because of its roots in the Christian faith has become one of the most difficult areas to penetrate for Islam,” observed Pastor Mumba.

Pastor Mumba revealed that Islam is using money to buy off politicians so that they allow Islam to penetrate a country with ease.

“However, the strategy that Islam is using in a way is far more superior than what the Christians are using. If you have noticed, Islam do not even use crusades to change nations or take over Africa like Christians are using… just church and crusades. Islam has gone to another level. Islam realizes that if they take over nations at the governmental level, then it becomes easier for them to take over those nations without a single crusade,” said Pastor Mumba.

He added: “All they do is realize that in 5 years’ time, they will be an election in Zambia for instance. Then Islam, according to their strategy, they are going to look around for a candidate that is either Muslim and if there is no Muslim, they are going to find a candidate whom they are going to fund whose commitment will be to spread Islam and allow it to thrive in that country. So, they support a presidential candidate and other members of parliament in order for them to get hold of the country. So, this is how they are doing it. So, from the State Houses of Africa, Islam is controlling the legislature, the judiciary, its controlling the land distribution and thereby having strategies to take over the continent.”

Pastor Mumba lamented that Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia appear to have taken over the Zambian government through such strategies.

But Pastor Mumba called on Christians in the country to rise to the occasion and make sure that Zambia is not fully infiltrated by Islam.

“On the side of us Christians, we have a problem. We have limited God to the church walls and a few crusades that we have. We have decided to make our preachers the superstars that are thriving, getting rich and showing that ‘we are doing very well…we are prophets. We are making a lot of money.’ And yet we have no strategy to take over nations.

“I will give you my own example, I have been an evangelist for many years. An evangelist goes into dark areas to reveal Christ and bring light. I went into politics because it’s a dark area where light is needed. Unfortunately some Christians do not realize is that by taking over government, then you are starting to influence that nation with Godly values and Godly legislation.

“So, if we don’t take over our countries and allow Christians of morality and integrity to govern our country, then I think that Islam will come into this country in the manner that we have never experienced.

“Muslims are using an opening in our governance system which it is using to advance its agenda. So, its that opening we should be fighting as the church. But I think the best way to fight this is fight it like you say in church ‘fire for fire.’ In other words, if they take over nations, the church has the capacity to create their own leaders, support them when an election comes. And I am not saying that because I am a politician, even when Nevers Mumba goes to heaven, that is the message I will leave with the church. Let us put Christians in leadership. You cannot Christianize a country with unchristianized leaders.”

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