Monday 18th December 2017

Hichilema Brands Constitutional Court Corrupt

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema held a press briefing discrediting all arms of government labelling the Constitutional Court as corrupt.

And Hichilema said that President Lungu was presiding over a gang of criminals that were corruptly cutting deals in the country. Hichilema said that people that were insinuating that he had been diluted through his stint in jail would be disappointed as he would be stronger.

During a media briefing at his residence in New Kasama, Hichilema said he was committed to dialogue with President Edgar Lungu.

“These days I do not even beat about the bush, Judge Anne Mwewa Sitali is corrupt, Palan Mulonda corrupt, Mungeni Mulenga also corrupt. That is why we are saying dissolve the Constitutional Court,” he said.

The Constitutional Court had established itself as a body whose decisions are not appealable but had facilitated an appeal on the ministers having been found as serving illegally after the dissolution of parliament. Hichilema said that the judiciary needed to be disbanded as it had been invaded by corrupt elements.

The UPND leader also condemned Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini labelling him an agent of the ruling Patriotic Front.

“If there is a gang of thieves, there must be a gang leader and we all know who that gang leader is,” he said. Hichilema said that dialogue, as prescribed by the Commonwealth, was important in help restore good relations between government and the opposition.

He said that he was shocked that some people wanted him to keep quiet despite the unresolved matters around the 2016 general elections. Hichilema said that people may accuse him of having resumed his attacks on government based on elections results but he would not shut up.

He said that Electoral Commission of Zambia chairperson judge Esau Chulu should resign. Hichilema said that Chulu should resign and follow in the footsteps of ECZ Director Priscilla Isaacs whose contract was not renewed.

Hichilema said that his period behind bars exposed him to experience the depleted human rights situation in Zambia.

He said that he was not free as many of his supporters were still languishing in prison in the post-2016 elections.

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