Monday 18th December 2017

Kambwili Calls For Arrests Over Fire Truck Scandal

Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has called for the arrest of all those involved in the controversial procurement of 42 fire trucks.

Mr Kambwili described the purchase of the 42 fire trucks at US$ 42 million as day light corruption. He said the Minister of Local Government and Housing and his Permanent Secretary must be arrested for what he called as the corrupt purchase of the fire trucks.

Mr Kambwili continued that the price of the fire trucks which were distributed to selected districts last week were grossly inflated by the supplier.

“Where on earth have you seen one fire truck costing 1 million dollars? And it is amazing that the Zambians people have kept quiet about this scandal.” He asked.

Meanwhile, Copperbelt University Lecturer Lubinda Haabazoka says there seems to be a lack of expertise in the country’s tendering process or the people involved have completely forgotten whose interests they represent.”

He continued “However ambitious the president’s plans are, they will come to Zambia at a great cost if we keep our current tendering process where a km of a road costs $3m. I think government is being looted though overpaying – I think if government ordered bread, they will end up paying K50 for a loaf. We need public accountability for all projects.”


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