Monday 18th December 2017

DPP Abuse Of Office Troubling – CiSCA

The Civil Society Constitutional Agenda has expressed concern with the manner in which the Director of Public Prosecutions has been discharging public functions.

CiSCA chairperson Bishop John Mambo put the group’s concerns to journalists gathered at a press briefing as follows:

“Notwithstanding the power vested in the DPP by the Constitution to discontinue a criminal case at any stage before judgment is delivered, it is worrying that the DPP is entering nolle prosequi indiscriminately and almost exclusively in cases that involve those in power or connected to the ruling class with no regard to public interest, administration of justice and judicial integrity as provided for by Article 180 (7) of the Zambian Constitution. CiSCA would like to remind the DPP that her allegiance is to the Constitution of Zambia and not [to] any authority or individual. The DPP is not above the law and does not enjoy immunity to violate the Constitution at will,” Mambo said.

Bishop Mambo also expressed concern at the direction in which Zambia is heading, comparing the past when Zambia was considered to be a beacon of peace and democracy in the region with the situation today:

“In Zambia, we are turning the clock backwards! If you look at this country, there were guerrillas here and we accommodated them. [But] today the countries where those guerrillas used to come from are doing better than us.” explained Bishop Mambo.

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