Monday 18th December 2017

Speed up Land Act-UNIP

THE United National Independence Party (UNIP) has called on the Government not to drag its feet towards implementing the Land Act to help curb the crisis in the allocation of land.
UNIP information and publicity secretary Thomson Shachobe said it was imperative for the Government to ensure allocation of land was properly administered by noble authorities.
Mr Shachobe said the Government should put up stiff measures in acquiring land so that it could be obtained by the rightful people such as the citizens.
He said it was saddening that foreigners living in Zambia had acquired large amounts of land to do their various businesses.
Mr Sachobe said if the trend of selling land continued, most Zambians would soon be squatters on their own country.
He said it was saddening that some chiefs were selling land at the expense of the locals, who were living as squatters.
Mr Sachobe said land was the pride of any nation and that lack of it robbed people of their pride.
He said that the country risked rendering its children landless going by the rate at which people were selling land to foreign nationals.
“If we sell all our Land or even half of our land to the foreigners, what are we going to showcase as Zambians and what will our grandchildren possess?” he asked.
Recently, President Edgar Lungu directed the minister of Land and Natural Resources to come up with a revised Lands Act and Policy which would ensure that land was protected.
Mr Lungu emphasised the need for Government to come up with a revised Lands Act and Lands Policy that guaranteed sovereignty over land, which he said was a key to natural heritage.
He said the minister of Lands should take to Cabinet the revised Act and Policy on land so that ownership of land was regulated to avoid foreigners randomly and illegally buying land.

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