Friday 24th November 2017

Defamation Trials Continue But Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Another day and another story circulates of someone who is in hot water over comments they have allegedly made about the current government.

This weekend it was the turn of PF supporter John Ngoma to face trial. Ngoma is charged with having defamed President Lungu on March 30th at Kapata market. He was subject to a citizen’s arrest as PF cadres reportedly dragged him to Kapata police post.

Speaking in court this weekend Ngoma defended himself against the charge that he uttered insulting language upon seeing the portrait of the president displayed. The case became quite heated, with inconsistencies between the two sides on matters such as whether the accused had a vehicle with him, whether he was present at the time the cadres claim the incident took place and even the nature of the accusation. Final judgement for Ngoma is expected on June 2nd.

Words can be powerful and libellous and hateful language is a negative force in any society. However it seems today that we have become obsessed simply with what people say rather than what they do, from the party cadre to the holder of the highest office in the land. Yet Zambia will not be developed through words alone, the condition of our people will not be uplifted on a promise and the fulfilment of our potential cannot be talked into reality.

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