Friday 24th November 2017

‘You Can Never Jail HH’s Spirit’ – Mutinta Speaks Out

Incarcerated opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema’s wife Mutinta says her husband’s jailers will never succeed in killing his spirit and will to serve humanity.

Mutinta said her husband’s will to seek justice is a flame that cannot be extinguished by teargas or water cannons.

“My husband’s jailers may have succeeded in restricting him physically, but they will never succeed in killing and restricting his spirit and his will to live and be of service to his family and to humanity,” she said.

“They may have succeeded in making him lie on cold floors with dog and human excreta, but whilst he physically lies in that filthy cell, his spirit to fight habitates in his heart, and not in a jail cell. It also lives in millions of other Zambians that cherish and value justice, love freedom and hunger for dignity.”

She added, “They may have succeeded in teargassing him a dozen times, but his will to seek for justice is a flame that cannot be extinguished by teargas or water cannons, because it burns eternally in his being, and in his soul.”

Mutinta said her husband is by nature a shepherd boy.

“By nature my husband is a shepherd boy. His spirit is that of a wonderer in valleys, rolling hills and forests, seeking pasture and water for his flock. It’s a spirit you cannot jail in a prison cell, it’s a spirit you cannot dock in court, neither can it be soiled in human excreta, because it’s a free spirit to live freely and to be of service to fellow men and to the Almighty God.”

She said, “I wish to state that the recent death of a matriarch like mama Salome Kapwepwe, only goes to remind all of us women, that our founding fathers and mothers are thinning out in numbers. It’s a signal for all of us to take the baton and run the race. If we don’t do that with urgency, we will lose the freedoms their husbands and compatriots fought for, from colonial bondage.”

“And we will have ourselves to blame. May she rest in peace. May God bless you and may He bless the people of Zambia, and indeed, the Republic.”

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