Wednesday 21st February 2018

PF Move To Disband The Law Association Of Zambia

News that Kasama Central Member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa has moved a private member’s motion in parliament to dissolve the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) is not surprising if anyone has been following happenings on the legal landscape. It has become normal that any sympathizer of the ruling party should feel aggrieved by the stance taken by LAZ on many issues of public interest under the leadership of Linda Kasonde.

Kasonde has become such a thorn in the ruling Patriotic Front backside that a demonstration had to be ‘organized’ to challenge her to form a political party. LAZ is an organization that through the dark times of our democracy has stood strong alongside the wishes and demands of the common people. LAZ has not gotten to where it is by going to bed with the ruling elite but has been strong enough to resist the temptation to side with the powerful. 

The most strong standing LAZ presidents of old have left an indelible mark by having shown leadership at a time when several institutions of good governance have been threatened by the actions of the ruling elite. Did not George Kunda cut his name during his time as LAZ president? Do we not remember Sakwiba Sikota from the same strong stance acts? Did not people like William Mweemba and Christopher Musonda also make their mark through principled stands? So will it take the folly one excited lawmaker with no spine in Kelvin Sampa to destroy that which the nation has held dear over the years? Is Sampa the man to lead a moral battle if ever this were one? Why is the calibre of people that are pushing this agenda so suspicious?

It reminds us of another lawmaker not too long ago that moved a motion for questionable amendments to the constitution in Mwansabombwe MP Rogers Mwewa? It is not a secret that Mwewa is a man fight for a way back to political favour after late President Michael Sata fired him over a well known story.

It right that people must discuss why LAZ has to be the only body that presides over matters concerning lawyers but are people like Sampa , Hobday Kabwe and Rabson Malipenga the people to lead such a crusade? Granted, Kasonde has made some mistakes along the way but does it justify the army of questionable characters that have been unleashed on her.

Let the country reflect deeply on this matter and we hope credible lawyers and more respectable citizens will guide this debate.

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