Sunday 18th February 2018

Greek Businessmen In Alleged Racist Tantrum At Horse Restaurant

A row has broken out at one of Lusaka’s posh restaurants over the continued racist attitude of its owners.

Trouble ensued when Lusaka resident Mwika Mwambazi attempted to make a reservation for her birthday gig at the Horse Shoe in Lusaka’s Rhodespark area on saturday.

But she was met with a horrific scene in which a black Zambian employee was being hurled with insults and racist comments by the place’s owners who are believed to be of Greek origin.

Mwambazi, disgusted by the ordeal later took them on but was instead called “a foolish black woman” by Nikki Ioannou believed to be part of the proprietors.

She was also told to “shut the f***** up” as she tried to defend the miserable and tormented Zambian worker who referred to at some point as a “good for nothing dog”.

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