Friday 24th November 2017

The World Watches Zambia

In the past Zambia has maintained a low profile in international news. With little violence, frequent democratic elections and a strong economy, there was no news to be had. It seems those days are over, in the past month Zambia has been all over international media and this week we have become even more infamous.

The escalating electoral violence and tragic death of Mapenzi on Friday have sent international journalists into a stir. Just yesterday CNBC and The Africa Report released in-depth articles on the current violence and corruption we are now facing.

Zambia is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, as the BBC World’s report stated, we are facing unprecedented violence. This has never happened during elections before, never has a government let things get this bad. When you have police shooting dead civilians the buck stops with the government and the government only. It is both theirs and the police’s duty to protect us, not kill us, regardless of our political views.

See the full video here.


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