Monday 18th December 2017

OPINION PIECE: PF Running Scared from Debate Challenge – Ruth Mwanza

This morning it has become clear the Patriotic Front are running scared from UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s debate proposition. Early this month Open Zambia called on the PF and UPND Presidents to come together and debate on the issues that matter most to Zambians, it would be a real opportunity for us to see what these men are made of and who can give us the best future.

It seems the PF have failed at the first hurdle and won’t even entertain the idea of joining a debate. PF Deputy Spokesman Frank Bwalya has stated they will not allow their leader to debate HH, citing that he is ‘satantic’ and ‘dull.’ In typical PF fashion Mr. Bwalya has resorted to childish insults and threats to try and disguise the fact President Lungu knows he cannot win a debate, he does not have the answers or the plan we so desperately need.  But this is hardly surprising given our President has addressed us just three times during his presidency and famously failed to turn up for a BBC interview.

What good is a President who does not have the courage to defend his leadership or explain his plans for our future? Why would we want such a man representing our nation? We need strong, confident and diplomatic leaders to ensure a prosperous future for this country. When the debate day comes and there is an empty PF stand, the people will realize that President Lungu has let them down and he is too cowardly to face those he has left hungry, poor, without electricity and no job prospects.

Come and let us vote this childish man out of office on August 11, it is time for a true leader to enter State House!

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