Sunday 18th February 2018

Open Zambia School of Politics Report Card: Alexander Chikwanda

In light of the IMF’s recent comments on Zambia needing stable and consistence policy this week we are releasing Alexander Chikwanda’s report card:

Unfortunately despite his long standing time in office, for which he deserves credit, Alexander’s test results in recent months have gone steadily down hill and have become a cause of serious concern. It can’t have been easy for him to lose his close friends and classmate Michael Sata (MHSRIP) just 18 months ago and perhaps some time out for Alexander would have been best under the circumstances.

His job has not been made easy with the lack of direction coming from the top and various external factors contributing to tightening the purse strings, but nevertheless most our staff are agreed that much better results could be expected from the right student. There is also some concern that over the past three years more and more revenue seems to be going unaccounted for. In 2014 under his watch US$3.25m went walkabout. Perhaps the most disappointing work Alexander has done is in the maths department where he has seen Zambia’s debt reach US$9.75 billion and let inflation reach 22.9% by February 2016.

Sadly his final grade is E.

OZ Report Card AC

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