Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Privatisation Is Not White Imperialism – Private Industry Is Universal

This is the second instalment of our series discussing privatisation. We want to uncover the truth about privatisation and also hear what you have to say! It has been posited that privatisation is just another way for imperialist nations to control Zambia.


It is no secret there are many who believe privatisation is an evil and something that has held Zambia back. Last week we touched on the rumours that privatisation cost Zambia its production industry and we demonstrated this was a flawed theory. So now we will explore why it would be wrong to assume privatisation is a way for imperialist nations to control Zambia.


Experts have stated that Zambia exists in a global village where multinationals rule the world. Companies no longer follow what politians from their own countries are saying instead they are jointly owned by shareholders from many different countries. Indeed, many companies and brands in developed countries like the USA have been bought out by ‘foreign’ companies e.g. Hummer, Lenovo and Rover.


With shareholders coming from a handful of different nations with different governments it is unlikely that a company can somehow have their interests aligned with one particular government. It would be wrong to think that privatisation is a way for ‘white imperialism’ to extend power because in actual fact private industry is run by men and women from across the globe including non-western nations such as China, Russia, India and Brazil.

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