Tuesday 16th January 2018

OPINION: ZAF General Chimese Out Of Touch With Zambians

Last week ZAF General Chimese released a statement criticising Zambian citizens. He announced that he was deeply concerned by our citizens who in his words were demonstrating ‘carelessness, lack of patriotism, hooliganism and total indiscipline.’ The ZAF General also commented on recent complaints that they have been purposefully holding up permission for opposition helicopters. In response was ‘we are duty bound to take stringent measures that would avoid violence.’


This statement by General Chimese demonstrated a total lack of understanding of what we are going through as a nation. The General sits in his ivory tower out of step with those Zambians who are suffering most. There are many scared of rising food prices, of not being able to send their children to school, of diseases rising and lack of basic healthcare. Opposition figures and their campaigns are the least of their worries. Our country is becoming darker by the day, and Zambians are full of despair after five years of PF government.


If the General took the time to understand the mood of the country he would see they are crying for change and for hope, and they may well be in the hands of opposition parties, it is his duty to protect our right to make a decision for ourselves. He and his department should be forthcoming in accommodating campaigns of all, not just one party.

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