Wednesday 17th January 2018

TODAY’S BLOG: Never’s chooses God over personal gain

Yesterday, we saw the former pastor and MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba come out and endorse Hakainde Hichilema for President. He announced the MMD will put their full support into getting HH into State House.
No one would deny that Dr Mumba has been a bit of a see-saw politician since becoming the President of the MMD who has spent time cosying up to both the PF and the UPND in recent months. However, his declaration that having seen the PF’s inner workings close up and the uncontrollable corruption at the party’s core has driven him away has demonstrated that he has finally put his strong Christian values ahead of his private ambitions.
In any election, it is unquestionably easier to choose an alliance with the incumbent. They have far more bargaining chips on the table. It would not have been difficult for Dr Mumba to have negotiated himself an advantageous position within the PF, particularly given the MMD resources he would have available to bring to the table, however sometimes conscious still plays its part and as a man of God Dr Mumba has shown that his heart remains stronger than his head.
In HH, Dr Mumba recognises a man in HH who does not need to rely on political position to line their own pockets but a man who is determined to improve the quality of life for the average Zambian, not his friends and family. If the UPND win in August 11 election, then Dr Mumba’s and the MMD’s dedicated campaigning for HH will likely have played a significant part in that. If it is successful then it will probably be the best thing Dr Mumba could have done for the people of Zambia. If it is not successful then at least he will know he let his conscious make the decision and not his wallet.
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