Wednesday 17th January 2018

Happy Labour Day From Open Zambia

Happy Labour Day to all our readers!!! On this wonderful day let us take a moment to honor all those who work hard across the country to provide for not only themselves and their families but others too!


However, it cannot be overlooked that throughout the country for those both in employment and unemployment there are hardships. We are still facing huge job shortages and there are 130,000 young Zambians joining the workforce each year who are struggling to find work. For those in work there are limited rights and often dangerous working conditions.


All the while our government are treating themselves to pay rises and luxurious extras. The PF continue to turn a blind eye to the needs of Zambians, setting bad examples by mistreating civils servant employees all the while raising their own salaries as recently as March this year. Our President has given himself a higher salary, created more places in parliament for MPs and improved working conditions for cabinet members.


They need to start thinking of others. Job creation should be a priority for them, through supporting industry, promoting value addition and supporting students through university and when they leave with help learning skills they can apply in the workforce. Too long have this government put themselves first and Zambian second.


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