Friday 19th January 2018

COMMENT: PF Resorting To Desperate Tricks

Both the PF and the UPND last week announced they were both going to hold Campaign Rallys on Saturday the 14th of May. The PF were set to hold theirs at Heroes Stadium whereas the UPND had chosen Kitwe’s Freedom Park. Both parties had a long list of Zambian artists to entertain supporters and with both being held on the same day at similar times it was set to be a face off between our two largest parties.

Excitement was building, however it was then announced that the PF were to move their rally and had by police order informed the UPND that they too must cancel their rally as it violated campaign laws, which stipulated campaigning must only start on May 16th.

However, news has now surfaced that in an immature and desperate move the PF have reorganized their rally to take place on the 14th May at Freedom Park in Kitwe – the exact same date and location thy have banned the UPND from using!

It sounds like the PF got cold feet about their rally, realising that they might not be able to fill Heroes stadium and that the UPND’s might show them up.

This really is a cheap trick; it is the behavior you would expect from a spoilt child not getting their way. With support for the UPND and other opposition groups growing they’re using every means possible to pull the wool over our eyes but we see what they’re trying to do and using police and campaign laws as their pawns cannot continue.

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