Friday 24th November 2017

Lungu and Fred strike a deal

Open Zambia has this evening received information that Post editor Fred M’membe, having received significant funds, and under pressure from PF cadres, has struck a deal with PF candidate Edgar Lungu, to release false polling results that show Lungu to be ahead in the Presidential by-election race.

The Post are expected to release findings tomorrow that show Lungu to be ahead in the polls by 18,000-30,000 votes. These results are unfounded and do not match those that have been officially released by the ECZ nor those established by independent PVT sources.

This is a last ditch attempt from Lungu’s campaign to alter the official results of the electoral process, and follows reports of party members threatening ECZ counting officials, as well as a suspected mole within the organisation. The ECZ also reported that its website had today been hacked, with figures being falsely inflated, particularly in Isoka constituency where PF votes had been increased by 30,000 votes.

Open Zambia urges all political parties to refrain from interfering in the electoral process, and have patience and faith in the results produced by the ECZ.

Godfrey Banda

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