Wednesday 24th January 2018

Open Zambia Nativity scene 6

Narrator: Back in the stables the shepherds and their followers watched as HH approached the young baby. He treated it with the utmost respect and tenderness. He congratulated Zambia on her successful birth and thanked Dr. Scott for taking care of her during this difficult time. He then turned to offer his gift to the newborn child, his manifesto for the future of Zambia.


Irene: Are you not tired HH, do you not want to rest, like Mr. Mumba?


HH: No, thank you, Irene. Time is of the essence. I am young and full of energy and want to start as soon as I can to build a better and brighter future for Zambia. My gift to the young child is gold. I want to offer prosperity and economic success. I will also ensure that all individuals are respected so that equality, liberty and justice can be had by all…


Narrator: HH went on to give the whole UPND manifesto. He spoke for a very long time but at the end of his speech the onlookers were still gripped, the newborn had stayed awake and Mr. Mumba had even woken up to listen and take notes.


Irene: Thank you HH, we admire your courage and your experience gives us confidence that you could be the strong leader that Zambia needs. Mr. Mumba, now that you are awake, what will you offer the future of Zambia?


Narrator: Mr. Mumba started to talk but again, no one was listening. Eventually Mumba Malila, the Supreme Court Justice, who was watching over the birth of Zambia’s future had to intervene. She said that Mr. Mumba wanted to lead for a long time and the oldies at the back of the room should hush down and give him a chance to speak.


Nevers Mumba: Ah yes, I will offer the newborn Frankincense to cover up the bad smells of poor sanitation and waste management issues left by the PF government…


Narrator: By the end of Nevers Mumba’s speech the newborn baby had fallen asleep and the audience had forgotten where he had started but they were happy that it had come to an end. The group were ready to retire and make their decision.


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