Wednesday 17th January 2018

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Rumours have been circulating that Edgar Lungu’s next trip will take him to Angola. I cannot help but think that this is just another trip with his begging bowl. He may deny that he asked Mugabe for money when he met with him in Zimbabwe recently, but what about his support? We should be just as concerned about Mr Lungu getting support from other dictators in the region, as money.

I for one do not want my government to be associated with and supported by these other corrupt governments. What is more, if they are supporting him now in his run for Presidency, what actions of his will they condone if he wins?

We can be proud in Zambia that we are not rotting with corruption as some of our neighbours are. It is a slippery slope for Mr Lungu to be meeting with these crooked leaders.

Mr Lungu is travelling around Africa trying to scrabble together approval from all different regions. Where will he go next, who are the next suspects to join his band of rogues?


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