Monday 18th December 2017

Excavator loader accidentally scoops a drunk man from a a heap of sand

A 34 Year old man of Sungwe village in Chief Ishewambuto in Mongu district of Western Province has been accidentally scooped by an excavator loader belonging to AVIC International company constructing the Mongu –Kalabo road.

This happened in the early hours of this morning after the man identified as Nyambe Mutalifelile while drunk decided to rest and went into deep sleep on top of one of the heaps of sand meant for Mongu Kalabo road construction across the Zambezi River.

Western Province Commissioner of Police Lombe Kamukoshi told ZANIS that a Nyambe was in a drunken mood when he slept on a heap of sand in question and was accidentally scooped by the loader which was operated by a Chinese National identified as Fan Sheng aged 42.

Ms. Kamukoshi further noted that the operator only realised that he had hooked a man on the pan of the machine upon seeing the hand swinging half buried in the soil.

She narrated that the victim sustained a serious swollen chest, bruises, general body pains and was rushed to Lewanika General Hospital where he received medical attention.

Lewanika General Hospital Acting Medical Superintendent Likambi Kambinda confirmed having received the patient around 01:20 but regretted that the victim ran away from the admission ward.

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