Sunday 18th February 2018

Letters to the Editor

Having witnessed political turmoil within Zambia for much of the last two years as the reality of President’s Sata’s poor health became apparent, it was refreshing to read HH’s statement this morning (‘A New Dawn Has Come’). For the first time in recent months a light as been shined on the difference in approach between the ruling party and that of the UPND.

Whereas releases from the PF have been mixed in their messages and uncoordinated – only today did Lungu and Scott produce opposing statements of the party’s plans for the Central Committee meeting – the UPND have offered something far with clarity with a clear message.

Whereas one party – the party of the former President – has been busy fighting amongst itself, another has been peacefully mourning.

It is clear from today’s developments that the UPND is the party, which can offer the stability needed to make real progress. Hichilema seems to have a real plan to move Zambia forward, rather than the divided PF which is being fractured by infighting.

I have never before voted for, but I am now convinced that he is the man to take our country forward and that there aremore stable times ahead.


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