Monday 19th February 2018

Letters to the Editor

Hichilema’s statement this morning has made me even more worried for Zambia. A week since we said goodbye to our  President, our news has only been filled with stories of squabbling and in-fighting. Parties that cannot even decide how to decide. It makes you wonder how these politicians would behave if they get into power.

We pride ourselves on being peaceful and united, but the PF and MMD are showing themselves to be anything but. How can these parties represent us? We need politicians that will put Zambia’s needs before their personal ambitions. Who have the vision for development, rather than vision for their own glory.

The PF are a joke now. They have lost the glue that was holding them together. The question now is whether the boat will sink itself before it sinks the whole country.

Banda is elbowing his way back into the MMD when he has already had his time. He’s putting his personal wishes ahead of what is best for his own party.

We deserve leaders who will take our future seriously and build a greater Zambia. The only party that seems to have the stability needed to make this happen are the UPND.

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