Saturday 20th January 2018

Open Zambia Reviews: Fredor

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Fredor – London, UK

I have been living in London for 5 years now, and although I’m very much at home here I can’t help but miss proper traditional Zambian food. There are all kinds of restaurants and fast food joints but for some reason a good plate of Nshima is hard to come by. So when a friend mentioned he’d found somewhere I could finally enjoy not only Nshima but tripe and nyama choma, I decided I had to go.


Fredor was my destination, an award winning Zambian restaurant in Stratford, East London. Not only did Fredor come with recommendation from many of the Zambian’s I knew in London but even my European friends had got a taste for true Zambian cuisine. As the only Zambian restaurant in the UK it had earned itself a UKZAMBIAN EXCELLANCE AWARD for Successful Business Of The Year, I was very excited for my visit. It is run by Zambian, Dorothy Mubian, who used to work at the Ministry of Lands in Zambia, and whilst there established her own private  businesses which included two restaurants and a boutique. On her retirement she relocated to the UK where she opened Fredor and what a success it has been.

We arrived on Upton Lane, a little lost but keen to settle down to a good meal. There Fredor was in the middle of the high street, with a menu in the window and plenty of traditional Zambian food to choose from I knew I was in the right place! We were welcomed with open arms by the restaurant, a little small but cosy and instantly the smells of the kitchen reminded me of my mother’s cooking back home. Me and a friend took a table by the window and instead of choosing from the menu we left it to the chef to bring us what he recommended! With two cold Mosi beers we settled in for a long lunch.

After a little wait we were brought a huge plate of Nshima, perfectly cooked, with bowls of Tripe, Katapa and Boerewors, the food looked fantastic. Although my friend, not a Zambian, looked a little hesitant, he soon realised what all the fuss was about and tucked in. Like any home in Zambia the food was shared around the table and soon enough we had finished, with one or two more Mosi’s along the way.


The owners told us how they were looking to expand, and encourage more people to try our country’s cuisine, soon they were hoping to offer even caterpillar on the menu!

It was a real treat to have some traditional home cooked Zambian food, it’s easy when you’re in London to lose sight of where you come from but the smells of the kitchen and the friendly staff reminded me of what a great country Zambia is. I think this was the first of many trips to Fredor.

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