Sunday 21st January 2018

Open Zambia Meets: Roberto

Roberto is a Zambian singer/songwriter/producer, and recent winner of the 2014 Best R&B Album and Best Songwriter categories at the Zambian Music Awards.

Open Zambia: Congratulations on your recent wins at the Zambian Music Awards! How did it feel to win?

Roberto: Thank you. It was a fantastic feeling. Due to performances everything happened so fast within 20 minutes it was all over but it’s a 20 minutes I will never forget.

Roberto - My Name Is...


Open Zambia: Which has been your favourite venue to play at over the course of your career?

Roberto: Wow! Each place has been quite a remarkable experience, but to pin point I would pick out three. Firstly I would say Rwanda, then Kabwe and Namibia. I know you said one but these stand out for me.

Open Zambia: Which other Zambian artist would you most like to collaborate with?

Roberto: I most definitely would like to work with Afunika. He is an amazing artist.

Open Zambia: What advice would you give to somebody looking to start their music career now?

Roberto: Music is not just a by the way thing so it’s important to understand that it is also a business. So education plays a major role in shaping the way your career will work out. Also it is important to have a team that is honest and sincere with you. Most of all a manager and Gods guidance.

Open Zambia: How will you be celebrating Zambia’s 50th Birthday in October?

Roberto: Well I surely hope to be somewhere giving Zambians a taste of my music and also introduce it to those that follow good music be it Zambian or non Zambian. Over and above that, just enjoying being part of such a great moment for my great country.

Roberto’s next coming events will be in Lusaka and Ndola, with dates to be confirmed. You can keep up to date with Roberto on his Facebook page at

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