Tuesday 16th January 2018

Open Zambia Meets: Burning Youth

Burning Youth are one of Zambia’s most celebrated reggae outfits, formed way back in 1982 in Kitwe Copperbelt province. Open Zambia caught up with them this month to ask some questions about what they have in store for 2014, and the Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

Burning Youth have several shows lined up for the next month across the country. Visit their Facebook page for updates and more information regarding the venues and dates!

Open Zambia: What has been the highlight of the band’s career?

Burning Youth: This has to be our UK tour which was sponsored by Oxfam in 1993. We were invited to perform at Oxfam’s 50th Anniversary under the theme ‘working for a fairer world’. Even if we experienced a cultural shock, we got to meet and play with different artists from all around the world.

Open Zambia: How have you seen the music scene in Zambia change over the years?

Burning Youth: We think the most observed change is the use of technology, both positive and negative. Because of the lack of technical know how and application we often end up with unpolished products. Also the constant need to imitate western artists usually over shadows our rich and authentic Zambian music. Although in the past few years we have seen young artists taking advantage of the perks of using modern Technology to help bring back to life our authentic Zambian music both on the local and international market.

Open Zambia: What advice would you give to someone looking to start their music career now?

Burning Youth: I think what we would say to any young up coming artist is you must first love the music. Don’t get into this industry for fame. Be ready to do the work. There are no short cuts in this business. A good education is also very important and knowledge of running a business never hurts.

Open Zambia: How will Burning Youth be celebrating Zambia’s 50th Birthday in October?

Burning Youth: We intend to have a few concerts in Lusaka, Livingstone and the Copperbelt involving other reggae bands under the theme ‘Peace love and Unity’. We will definitely let you know as soon as we finalise everything and have the dates and venues ready.

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