Friday 19th January 2018

Scott buys prosthesis for croc attack victim

VICE-PRESIDENT Dr Guy Scott says there is need for Zambians to spend more kwacha because of the continued depreciation of the local currency against major currencies.

Speaking yesterday at the Italian Hospital where he visited Stevious Mweemba, a victim of a crocodile attack, Vice-President Scott said with the dollar trading at K6, there was need to spend more kwacha.

The Vice-President said this after hospital administrator Margaret Mweshi bemoaned the high cost of materials used in the manufacturing of artificial limbs.

“I just came to have my physiotherapy then I was told there is a crocodile attack victim in the next room. I thought since he is in my constituency, let me come and visit him. He is lucky because some people have had both legs amputated,” Vice-President Scott said.\Mweemba was attacked by a crocodile while bathing by a dam in Itezhi-tezhi in February.

The Vice-President procured an artificial limb for Mweemba.

And Sister Mweshi said there was need for the public to come in and assist the hospital meet some of its requirements when it comes to prostheses.

“We spend about US$70,000 just to procure materials used in manufacturing these things and this is the only centre that makes artificial limbs so we will be grateful if the government can come in and support us,” said Sister Mweshi.

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