Wednesday 17th January 2018

Wynter Kabimba directs Police to firmly deal with PF cadres invading private property

Government has directed the police to deal firmly with Patriotic Front (PF) and other Zambians found invading private property before the situation gets out of hand.

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba said people grabbing land illegally should be stopped and brought to book and to ensure sanity .

Mr Kabimba has since described the move by some people to grab private land by force as criminal trespass and advised the police to deal with perpetrators of such acts.

Speaking when he featured on KNC Community Radio in Kabwe on Sunday morning, Mr Kabimba who is also PF secretary General said there was need for the police to deal with land invaders firmly regardless of which political parties they came from.

He said the tendency of grabbing land should come to an end and that those found wanting should face the law what the owners of the land should be protected.

“We cannot allow such a trend of people just waking up and wanting to grab land or property illegally which is the reason why the police should firmly deal with such acts to ensure the trend is stopped immediately, “he said.

And Mr Kabimba called for discipline in the PF and ordered the cadres to stop locking offices for civil servants.

He said there was need for discipline to prevail in the party and urged the party cadres to desist from locking offices for government officers every time they were aggrieved.

He said he was not happy with cadres who went to lock the office for Mkushi Council Secretary and asked for the trend to stop saying they should use their time to bring new members to the party.

“It is not your job to start locking offices, there are channels to follow in the party and PF members must spend time explaining Government programmes to the people and not engaging in squabbles” he said.

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