Tuesday 16th January 2018

Scott Springs to Masebo’s Defence

Vice President Guy Scott this morning testified before the Judge Rhoydah Kaoma tribunal springing to the defence of the embattled Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo.

Scott, who claimed the cancellation of the Hunting Safaris tender and the firing of Zambia Wildlife Authority was sanctioned to by government, defended Masebo’s decision.

The Vice President also said he attempted not to intervene on Dr Edwin Matokwani because he was his friend.

Scott said Masebo’s decision to fire the ZAWA board was radical.

The Vice President also denied having ordered then Tourism Minister Given Lubinda to fire Matokwani because he was employed by the MMD government.

Masebo is being probed for alleged breach of parliamentary and ministerial code of conduct.

Former Tourism Minister William Harrington has petitioned the Supreme Court to probe Masebo.

Attorney General Mumba Malila on Monday said Masebo was wrong to fire the ZAWA board and also said he had never heard of game being illegally airlifted in Zambia.

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