Saturday 20th January 2018

‘Roads to spur growth’ …Sata says road projects will woo foreign investment

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has said the ongoing construction of roads his Government has embarked on countrywide will establish an enabling climate to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
Mr Sata said the ambitious road projects including the Link Zambia 8000, Pave Zambia 2000 and L400 would also stimulate local investments as well create jobs.
“The construction of roads is aimed at establishing an enabling investment climate in order to attract foreign direct investment (FDI), stimulate local investments and create jobs,” Mr Sata said.
Giving an update on the progress on the construction of roads in and around Luapula Province, the President said in his latest Facebook post that the works had already created 2,224 jobs, as at December 2013.
The on-going construction works of 1,919 kilometre of roads within and around Luapula are being done at a cost of K1.8 billion.
“Today I wish to share with you our Government’s progress on the construction of selected road works within and around the Luapula Province. As of December 2013 a total of 2,224 jobs were created during the on-going construction works of 1,919km of roads which is costing a total K1.8 billion,” he said.
Among the roads being worked on is the Pedicle road which is being upgraded to bituminous standard and progress on the project stands at 28 per cent.
Mr Sata said the periodic maintenance of 323km of the road D235 from T2 junction via Mukuku Bridge and sections of Samfya to Mansa Road have since been completed.
The President reported that the on-going periodic maintenance of about 91km of road from Mansa to Chembe stands at 91 per cent progress rate.
The rehabilitation of the Kawambwa-Mushota-Luwingu Road and the Chisembe-Chibote-Chief Chama Road is at 12 per cent while progress on the construction of the 175km Mansa-Luwingu stands at 14 per cent.
On the rehabilitation of 238km of Mansa feeder roads, the President reported that works are on-going with 30 per cent progress while the construction of Luamfumu Bridge in Mwense District has hit 70 per cent.
Mr Sata also said the construction of Mashimi Community Road and the installation of culverts had reached 85 per cent with the construction of the Lukwesa-Nchilamundi road also nearing completion at 70 per cent.
The construction of the Kamipundu Road and the embankment construction is at 80 per cent while the construction of the Mansa to Chansa road section of the Matanda road is at 50 per cent while the rehabilitation of the Chipete Matanda stands at 20 per cent.

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