Wednesday 17th January 2018

Witness Continue to Nail Masebo

More witnesses have testified against Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo at the on-going Judge Rhoydah Kaoma tribunal branding her actions as abuse of power.

Chief intelligence officer in the Ministry of Tourism Sydney Chilala said the awarding of licences in the 19 hunting blocks was above board.

Chilala said the process was transparent and was shocked when Masebo cancelled the hunting licences.

He said the process was thoroughly followed and his office together with an Anti Corruption Commission officer Pamela Simachela.

And Tourism Development Officer Chabala Habasimbi said the tender process was flawless.

Chabala said the cancellation has led to the increase in poaching.

Meanwhile, Chief Kakumbi of Mfuwe District said Masebo was wrong to have cancelled the hunting licences.

Masebo is being probed for alleged abuse of office of office.

Former Tourism Minister William Harrington has petitioned the Supreme Court to probe Masebo.

On Wednesday Kabwata Patriotic Front MP and former Tourism Minister Given Lubinda disclosed how he resisted orders from Vice President Guy Scot and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to dissolve the Zambia Wild Life Board.

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