Friday 19th January 2018

ABZ Appoints Another Woman to Executive

Opposition Allaince for a Better Zambia has appointed a female Secretary General adding up to their highly women friendly reputation.

The Father Frank Bwalya led party already has Patricia Mwashingwele as vice president.

Below is the full statement:

FEBRUARY 18, 2014

Please be informed that I have appointed a woman named Mulenga Shula as Secretary General of our party ABZ. I think that she becomes the only Secretary General of a reputable political party in Zambia. She may even be the only Secretary General of a serious political party in the history of our country.
Below is the letter of appointment I wrote to Mulenga dated February 14, 2014.

Dear Mulenga,


In line with ABZ Constitution Article 46 clause (1) which states and I quote; “The first office bearers for ABZ at all levels shall be appointed directly by the Founding President (FP) of the party and may be disappointed in the same manner of appointment”, end of quote, I am delighted to appoint you as Party Secretary General (SG) of Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) with immediate effect.

You are the chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the party and the success of our party in terms of administration rests on your shoulders.

Against this background, I urge you to apply yourself to the best of your ability to ensure that we provide the kind of leadership in our party that should accelerate the growth of ABZ and offer the people of Zambia a formidable alternative.

Your specific duties and responsibilities are stipulated in the manual of duties and responsibilities of ABZ party officials.

You will work on voluntary basis until when the party will afford to put you on a salary as a fulltime employee of the party. For now, your job is part-time. Nevertheless, the party will do everything to support you and make your burden light.

You are intelligent, young, energetic and full of ideas hence I have no doubt that you will succeed in your work.

This appointment makes you the only woman in Zambia serving as SG of a political party. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to work hard and break the notion that only men can succeed in such positions in political parties.

Yours sincerely,

Fr. Frank Bwalya

CC: National Chairperson – Mr. Dexter Z Moono
CC: The Vice President – Ms. Patricia C Mwashingwele

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