Monday 18th December 2017

MMD writes to ECZ over PF electoral malpractices in Katuba

The opposition MMD has written to Electoral Commission of Zambia Director Priscilla Isaacs accusing the ruling PF of electoral malpractices in the forthcoming Katuba by election.


MMD Deputy National Secretary Chembe Nyangu complained that the PF has not ceased to engage in unfair practices in the electoral process such as the use of premature campaigns and use of government vehicles.

Mr Chembe said the political parties have signed several memoranda to the effect that the ruling PF must lead by example by avoiding premature campaigns and use of GPZ vehicles.

“The MMD leadership in the constituency reported to us that Vice President Guy Scott flew to the constituency to meet the area Chieftainess for political reasons. Surely, he could have driven to go there,” Mr Chembe said.

Mr Chembe also revealed that Defence Minister Edgar Lungu, Commerce Minister Emmanuel Chenda and Central province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta also went to Katuba to conduct political campaigns ahead of the nomination on January 28, 2014.

“On the nomination day, January 28,2014, a ZAF helicopter flew to Mwanjuni School where it was packed for political and cosmetic reasons. The Vice president did not even us it. The Air Commander must explain to us through you why he authorised the chopper to go to Mwanjuni School on that day.”

Mr Chembe said, “Many government motor vehicles were seen and identified at Mwanjuni School. We request you to find out what the vehicles identified as GRZ 1OI CE and GRZ 551 CE were doing at the Nomination Centre on Tuesday, January 28, 2014. GRZ and ECZ do not work together in this manner.”

He charged that the foregoing are malpractices in the electoral process which the MMD cannot stomach and tolerate.

“They violate the electoral rules and laws which we have worked so hard to put in place. All stakeholders and political players are expected to follow the rules in the electoral process. This duty of obedience is more so on the leadership of the ruling party,” he said.

He added, “I want to point out that leaders in the ruling party cannot hide. The PF leadership must learn and live with this reality. The old adage, “you can run, but you cannot hide,” aptly sums up the MMD’s observations.”


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